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Types of Addiction

Addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance. Everyone is addicted to something to some extent at some point in their life. The obvious addictions are substance addictions which include tobacco, alcohol and drugs. And then there are the "process" addictions, the mood-altering behaviors or activities which include gambling, sex, love, work, shopping, computers, cell phones, etc. There is a growing recognition that many addicts are addicted to more than one substance or process.

Substance abuse affects an estimated 25 million Americans directly and 40 million indirectly. Additionally, 15 million Americans struggle with sex addiction and 5.5 million with gambling problems, accumulating to an estimated 19 percent of the population.

In total, 54.3 million Americans suffer from addiction. Of that, an estimated 10 million are affected by co-occurring addictions and emotional problems.

There is hope for recovery through appropriate treatment and services.

Treating Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health conditions affect millions of Americans. These can include psychological and biological disorders.

Conditions fall under the following:
Mental health conditions and addictions can occur in a variety of forms and often together. They may exist in 'packages,' where emotional conditions and addictions are intertwined, such as through alcoholism and depression, anxiety disorders and prescription medication addiction, cocaine addiction and bipolar disorder, and countless other combinations. These conditions can affect individuals without regard to education, income or even success in the workplace and often are devastating to family and friends.

Addictions and emotional complications are biological just like heart disease or diabetes. Like other medical conditions, these require professional attention preferably where both are treated in the same setting and by the same treatment provider. The likelihood of a successful recovery is enhanced if the whole person is treated.

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Treatment Options for Addiction and Substance Abuse

An addiction treatment program can offer critical support as well as important tools to promote a healthy and sustainable recovery. Without these tools, a person can stop using alcohol but continue to repeat the same unhealthy behavior patterns. The person may simply replace the alcohol addiction with other unhealthy addictions.

Because treatment philosophies vary among programs, it is important to learn about each available program before making a final selection. While treatment costs, length of treatment, etc., are usual considerations, treatment philosophies are just as important.

Substance Abuse:
Both government funded and private substance abuse treatment programs are available throughout the country. Many government funded substance abuse treatment centers and substance abuse clinics serve people with low or no incomes. Private facilities typically accept many insurances and self-pay referrals.

In recent years there has been a great deal of confusion about the role of medications in chemical dependency treatment. False and outdated beliefs have created barriers affecting the use of medications to treat chemical dependency, specifically in chemical dependency treatment centers.
  • Self-help recovery group members may say that medications can reinforce chemical dependency. The reality is that many dependency conditions result from a chemical imbalance in the brain and central nervous system. Medications can bring that chemistry back into balance.

  • We now have many very effective non-addictive medication options for both mental health and chemical dependency treatment. Research tells us that chemical dependency treatment can be far more effective if symptoms of withdrawal, cravings and mental health conditions are controlled. In fact, these treatments are an important part of preventing relapse.

  • Some people may still be hesitant to take medications because of: side effects, biases against medications, delays in effectiveness, dealing with shame or embarrassment, and trouble remembering dosages.

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