Sober living homes are fantastic options for those in recovery who want to live in a safe environment free of addictive substances. However, not all sober living homes are the same and some are better than others. What do you do if you don’t like your sober living home? It depends on the situation. Be open and honest about your concerns and needs to make the best decision.

Here are a few instances where you should leave:

You are being abused.
Abuse is not acceptable in any circumstance. This includes the following kinds of abuse: physical, mental, verbal, sexual, emotional or economic abuse. Each of these forms of abuse cover a pretty broad spectrum. For example, you could be made the brunt of jokes and this makes you feel bad. Or maybe someone makes you feel uncomfortable or afraid. Do not tolerate the abuse. Leave now.

Medical assistance is frowned upon.
This is your choice and you need to leave this situation. You know your body better than anyone else. While in recovery, you need to pay close attention to your health and not hesitate to get medical assistance when needed. If a sober living home is making you hesitant to get care, you should leave and go to another where you are not discouraged to seek medical attention.

You live in unsanitary conditions.
Not all sober living homes have the same standards. Some may be unsanitary and actually unhealthy to live in. If you feel your health is in danger — for example, say there are roaches or rats and management is not doing enough about these issues — leave the sober living home. This is not a good living situation and it is not fair for you to stay in such conditions.

Here are some instances where maybe you should stay:

You feel you are not getting support.
Consider whether your attitude may be holding you back. Be intentional so you can seek out others to form supportive relationships. Ask others to coffee and be social and hospitable. During recovery support is vital to your success. Give yourself a designated timeframe like 30 days and then reassess after the time period is over. Then if you decide you still feel you do not have support, look into other sober living homes.

You cannot afford to stay.
Talk to management before assuming you must leave. You may be able to find another job or get some kind of support so you can stay. Do not make assumptions that you must leave unless you know it is your only option.

You don’t like some of the rules.
Because each sober living home is different, some may have stricter rules than others. Give it some time to see if the rules are reasonable and something you can abide by. Some rules are non-negotiable — such as no drug or alcohol usage. Rules about curfew times or number of meetings to attend each week are rules that will vary from one sober living house to another.

Sober living homes can be a great way to live with others in a safe, recovery-oriented environment. If you are not sure about your sober living situation, call our helpline and let our counselors answer your questions. We’re here to offer any help we can, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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