As you move forward in recovery, employment can be a way to provide personal satisfaction, income and independence.

The following steps can help you find a job:

Discover Your Strengths

Think about your past and focus on what behaviors stand out the most. What skills come naturally to you? What have you done where others have praised you? Consider taking a strengths or assessment test to find clarity during this process.

Get Some Experience

Volunteering for a cause or charity will give you some hands-on experience working with others; furthermore, many companies have unpaid internships. As you get experience, your confidence will grow, helping you when it is time for an interview. This kind of service also gives you recent work experience to put on your resume.

Use Good Judgment

Choose a safe environment for employment. If you have had struggles with alcohol, then it is dangerous to work at a bar or even at a store right across the street from one. These work environments will only make things more difficult during the time of transition. Instead, consider working for an employer that does not serve alcohol, so the risk of temptation will be much lower.

Balance Your Life

Recovery is a step-by-step process, a lifestyle change where balance is required for continued growth and transformation. When you balance your life, you can prevent relapse and find satisfaction. Balance means pursuing a healthy well-rounded life, which will lead to stability and health.

Ask for Help

Network with friends and acquaintances, hire a career coach, have friends help you job search and anything else it takes to get a job so you can avoid relapse. Get support and admit your fears. Know you are not alone. As you reach out for help, you will find encouragement and hope.

It is completely normal to feel stressed when job searching, so use your support network for encouragement, and take life in simple steps to avoid being overwhelmed. Reach out for help and take care of yourself.

If you need help finding a job while in addiction recovery, then call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline so our admissions coordinators can offer you advice. 1-877-345-3370