To be effective, a mental health or alcohol and drug rehab center must address all the client’s needs in one single setting.

A treatment center that prohibits admission for one condition until you receive services for the other will be unsuccessful.

All of the recommended programs and alcohol and drug rehab centers on this Site are firmly rooted in the knowledge that addictions and emotional conditions are biological, no-fault conditions that respond to treatment. As with a medical rehabilitation, an effective mental health and rehab center must provide the right combination of services that can promote single or dual recovery. Psycho-educational efforts are directed specifically at teaching the client about those similarities rather than focusing upon differences while recognizing that the individual’s stage of recovery may vary within each individual diagnosis.

In some cases, it is simply a matter of equipping clients with the skills to develop a personal recovery plan. In other cases, it might be providing a soft place to land while gaining the confidence needed to see the other side, the side where recovery is within reach.

Psychiatric disorders and substance-related disorders are both primary mental illnesses, and the recommended treatment approach is integrated dual primary treatment that utilizes a disease and recovery model in a single setting or service system. – (SAMHSA, Report to Congress, 2002).